Sometimes a minor underbite or overbite can cause the biting surface of one tooth to wear excessively on the lingual surface of another. As time goes on this can cause the tooth enamel to grind down creating an abnormal surface texture on the tooth.

As time goes on you might notice a change in the surface texture of the tooth. This might also be accompanied by worsening sensitivity and general discomfort in the tooth. Left untreated a case of dental attrition could lead to severe tooth decay or a significant dental fracture.

If you have noticed a change with one of your teeth you can have it examined by a dentist like Dr. Christopher Rouse as soon as possible. In some of these cases he might be able treat the affected tooth by installing a dental filling.

The treatment process involves removing a small amount of tooth enamel to prepare sufficient texture to secure the dental filling material. It will then be hardened to ensure a strong bond with the adjacent tooth enamel.

If necessary, Dr. Christopher Rouse might also recommend additional treatments to address the unhealthy relationship between the two teeth or to prevent new cases of dental attrition from developing.

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