It is August and back-to-school will be here before you know it! With everyone’s schedules about to get even busier, we wanted to remind you to schedule any overdue dental visits before school starts. Let’s review some helpful tips to help make your child’s back-to-school dental visits successful.

Scheduling Your Child’s Back-to-School Dental Appointment:

To begin with, make sure to schedule an appointment that will fit comfortably into your child’s schedule. Their dental visit should be scheduled around nap times and meal times. A tired and hungry patient is rarely a happy patient, no matter what the age. It is also important to try and schedule children’s dental appointments when they are not rushed. Choose a day when your child doesn’t have too many other activities going on. This way your child will be more relaxed and have the energy to complete an entire dental visit.

Leading By Example: 

Whenever you are scheduling multiple children for their routine dental visit, have the most seasoned child go first. Children will have their own emotions about going to the dentist. Leading by example is a great way for a child that is more reserved to learn what to expect. If they see a family member have a good experience, this can help them gain the confidence that they too will have a good experience.

Come Prepared:

Next, it’s time get prepared! Are you having concerns about your child’s oral health? A back-to-school dental visit is a great time to discuss this. Bring a list of questions to address with the dentist. In addition, take this opportunity to discuss ways to get your child into a healthy hygiene routine for the school year. If your child participates in sports, bring in any mouth guards for your dentist to check. Your dentist can review the guard for wear and durability. Last, grab some extra business cards from your dentist. Pass these along to your kid’s school for emergency contact information.

Schedule Your Dental Appointments As Soon As Possible!

Call now to schedule any overdue dental visits. This will help assure that you get an appointment at your preferred time and with your preferred provider(s). We are excited to help your family start the new school year with a healthy and happy smile!