young man feeling pain holding his cheek with handToothaches are never an exciting experience. Besides being painful, a toothache can make you feel uncomfortable or even ruin your entire day. You can prevent this from happening by being informed about the common causes of a toothache.

1. Cavity

Your dental hygiene is key to keeping cavities (tooth decay) at bay. Brushing your teeth regularly and maintaining good dental hygiene can prevent bacteria from building up on your teeth. However, there are a few incidences where cavities can still occur.

2. Impaction or misalignment

Teeth developing under the gum tissue can also cause a lot of pain. This often happens when the wisdom teeth fail to grow out of the gumline. When it starts popping out, it pushes against the neighboring teeth causing unbearable pain.

3. Damaged fillings

Dental fillings are usually helpful in restoring a damaged tooth. However, when you bite something hard or are involved in an accident, these fillings can be destroyed or removed. This also leads to a toothache.

4. Gum disease

Surprisingly, most adults suffer from some type of gum disease. Whether you have gingivitis or periodontitis type of gum disease, they can cause severe pain.

5. TMJ

Any complications that affect the normal functioning of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can cause a toothache. The TMJ joint allows you to open and close your mouth when eating or talking. 

6. Temperature sensitivity

Some people experience a sharp pain right after taking something warm or cold. This is a clear sign of tooth sensitivity, which also indicates that your tooth enamel is worn out.

7. Tooth fractures

Teeth fractures can occur due to falling, biting on something hard, or being involved in an accident that harms your teeth. When this happens, fractures do result in excruciating pain.

From this list, you may have determined the root cause of the toothache you’re experiencing. If you’re still not sure, Flatrock Family Dentistry can help you alleviate your pain. We offer diverse dental treatment options. Book yourself an appointment today with our wonderful team of dentists to be sure that your toothache isn’t something that could lead to serious dental complications.