If you would like to enhance your oral health care, you need to make sure your smile is receiving the attention it deserves. This includes fixing any malady or ailment that exist in all aspects of your oral health. A common issue that often goes unnoticed is a missing a lost tooth. This can lead to an increase in tooth decay, gum destabilization, and tooth slippage. To protect the rest of your teeth, it is important to restore any missing teeth. A popular and common procedure to consider is a dental bridge.

Completing your smile with the use of a dental bridge is essential to ensure your oral health remains optimum. Not only can missing teeth lead to gum destabilization, but they can weaken your jaw bone and cause other healthy teeth to begin to rotate and move out of their positions. To help prevent further dental damage, replace any missing teeth with a tooth prosthetic such as dental bridges.

In order to keep your smile safe, it is always a good idea to look for ways to replace missing teeth and restore functions that may have been associated with it. Typically, you may see it downturn in your ability to speak or eat food properly if you have any missing teeth. Dental bridges can restore these lost functions and also improve the look of your smile as well.

If you have any issues associated with space maintenance or bite stability, dental bridges can be highly effective for restoring these last functions. Typically, your teeth can move if there are any missing teeth in cause malocclusions. In addition, dental bridges will help set things back into their ideal positions and ensure further to slippage does not occur.

Seeking a better smile and better oral health without dental bridge replacements is a difficult task to accomplish for individuals who seek true oral health superstardom. For more information about dental bridge replacements or to schedule an oral exam or professional cleaning with Dr. Christopher Rouse and our team at our dentist office in Greenville, South Carolina, please contact Flatrock Family Dentistry at (864) 297-5268.