african girl in summer hat showing peace gesture at the beachYou might be curious to know whether you need a dental implant. Well, one thing for sure is that you can benefit from dental implants. Today, most patients consider dental implants as an excellent restorative dentistry option. The popularity of these dentistry implants among Americans indicates how helpful they can be.

Before answering your question, let’s look at the different types of implants. This way, you can determine whether you really need to consider going for a dental implant.

Types of Implants

You can either go for an endosteal or subperiosteal dental implant. The former is the most common procedure among most patients. It involves fixing the titanium implant in your jaws. On the other hand, subperiosteal implant is where the implant is placed either on your jaw or above it. This procedure is normally done in cases where a patient doesn’t have enough bone.

Signs Indicating You Need an Implant

A missing tooth or teeth

Missing tooth or teeth? If so, Flatrock Family Dentistry is always there to help. We usually recommend implants as a great way of replacing missing tooth or teeth.

Loose dentures

Most people complain about loose dentures. Luckily, implants can also help fix this problem. However, when an infection worsens, the tooth has to be extracted before an implant can be installed. You shouldn’t worry about this because our team of skilled professionals will make sure that you get the treatment that suits you.

Cracked or broken tooth

When involved in an accident, you may find yourself with a cracked or broken tooth. To restore your beautiful smile, this might call for our dentistry services.

Infected tooth

Dealing with an infected tooth is agonizing. At Flatrock Family Dentistry, our dentists can help you alleviate this pain. Further diagnosis will, however, be required to establish whether the infection is severe.

What Should You Do Next?

If you’re struggling with these symptoms, we at Flatrock Family Dentistry strive to make sure we accommodate your dental needs and expectations. Set up an appointment today and free yourself from any dental-related worries.