Are you protecting your smile by monitoring your oral health on a daily basis? Beyond brushing and flossing daily; it is essential to always inspect your teeth and gums to determine if any dental damage is present. This includes inspecting your gums for any signs of gum disease. If it appears as if your gums are infected, or they show any symptoms of gum disease, you will need to visit your dentist for the appropriate treatments.

Have you ever noticed any signs of bleeding while eating? Do you frequently bleed from your mouth when you brush your teeth or floss them? If so, this may be a sign of gum disease. In addition, gum disease may be present if you have any on irregular signs of swelling or inflammation within your gums or a heightened risk of sensitivity with your gum tissue.

If you frequently suffer from bad breath despite numerous treatments being used, or bad breath returns regularly, it could be the result of underlying conditions such as infections with your gum tissues. In addition, gum tissue infections can cause painful chewing sensations when eating. Gum disease is often linked to pus and sores on your gums and teeth as well.

If you notice that your teeth are beginning to move out of position, or are loose and disjointed, it may be a sign of a gum destabilization process in place. This can often occur if your gums are infected due to gum disease. Similarly, it is important to look for indications that your teeth are getting longer as gums are pulling away from your teeth.

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