Did you know there are food and beverage rules for treatment involving Invisalign® aligners? Well, it’s true. These rules help you have the top-notch appliance and oral health you need to have a successful orthodontic treatment and to finally reach the smile of your dreams. Our dentists, Dr. Christopher J. Rouse and Dr. E. Michael Crosland, are happy to tell you all about those rules by listing them on our blog today.

-Remove the aligner before you eat or drink anything (Keeping the aligner in the mouth can make the aligner extremely dirty and it can even damage it)

-Make sure to brush and floss your teeth before you put the aligner back on your smile (This can help you avoid trapping cavity-causing substances under the aligner)

-Avoid chewing gum when you have the aligner in your mouth (The gum will stick to the aligner and ruin it)

-Try your best to avoid eating foods that encourage plaque buildup (This is encouraged because if you trap plaque under the aligner, it can attack the teeth and promote tooth decay)

-Try to eat foods that are healthy for the smile (Dairy products, protein, fruits and vegetables can all help you have a strong and healthy smile while you’re aligning your teeth)

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