A TMD is also referred to as a temporomandibular joint disorder. They frequently arise due to damage to your temporomandibular joints, called TMJs, within your jaw. If they are damaged, it can hinder the performance of your oral health care in many ways. The joints are extremely complex with numerous working parts that all rely on each other to help facilitate the movement of your jaw for an assortment of tasks including opening and closing your mouth, chewing food, and speaking properly.

Your TMJ functions as a ball and socket joint, which, unfortunately, is often prone to damage. Due to the connective tissues, nerves, and ligaments all working in tandem of one another, oral injuries within your joint can often occur. Furthermore, they are easily subject to heavy wear and tear over a lifetime of use.

Various other oral health condition can also lead to a failure of your TMJs. One particularly damaging condition is known as bruxism. Bruxism occurs when your teeth rub together, often while you are asleep. Bruxism is a heavy risk factor for a TMD and must be treated immediately. As long as you take care of your mouth, issues including TMDs that occur can be effectively treated with our help.

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