Giving your smile the care and attention it needs to be healthy includes caring for the joints that facilitate your jaw movement. These are the TMJs, or temporomandibular joints, and they are needed to maintain proper oral function in your mouth. We are pleased to offer some tips to help you avoid the discomfort of TMJ disorder:

– We encourage you to avoid bad dental habits such as biting pens or your nails to protect your jaw health.

– If you struggle with the discomfort of sore jaw joints, we recommend avoiding eating tough and chewy foods or chewing gum because these can task your jaw.

– You can practice alternative treatment methods to help reduce TMJ disorder pain and discomfort, and this may include yoga, stress balls, meditation and biofeedback.

– You can try applying heat packs if you experience any pain that is related to TMJ disorder. Additionally, the use of ice packs can help reduce inflammation and swelling around the jaws.

– In some cases, other health or medical conditions can be linked to TMJ disorders, and this can include bruxism, which is unconscious tooth grinding and clenching while you are sleeping. Bruxism can put a lot of pressure on your jaw joints, creating the pain and jaw damage that can characterize a TMJ disorder.

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