Your tooth enamel plays an important role in protecting the inner tissues of your teeth. Tooth enamel has a mineral density that gives your teeth greater strength so that you can bite and chew food. When an inner tooth area becomes compromised, it could significantly increase your risk of tooth decay. Fluoride can improve any weak areas in your teeth to keep tooth decay and other dental issues away.

You may experience weakened tooth enamel if you frequently eat or drink acidic food or have poor oral hygiene. Infrequent exposure to fluoride could further compound the likelihood of tooth problems. Dr. Christopher Rouse can detect signs of weak tooth enamel when you visit Flatrock Family Dentistry for your routine dental checkup, and he can provide fluoride treatment if needed in order to enhance the strength of your tooth.

If you struggle with having poor tooth enamel, you may also benefit from prescription fluoride supplements. These can include a mouthrinse, sublingual tabs or gels, or a toothpaste with a high concentration of fluoride.

Taking ingestible fluoride supplements as instructed will ensure they are as effective as possible. The best time to apply a fluoride gel or mouthwash is typically right before bed or when you can go half an hour or longer without eating.

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