If you’re about to restore your tooth with a dental crown, you’re probably wondering what you can expect during your appointment. You’re on the right track toward a successful dental appointment. Sometimes, knowing what to expect during the treatment can help you feel more calm and comfortable in the dental chair. So, our dentist, Dr. Christopher Rouse, is happy to list the treatment steps here:

Step No. 1: Your dentist will ensure comfort during your appointment by numbing the tooth and surrounding area with a numbing agent. If necessary, he can provide a light sedative to help you relax.

Step No. 2: Your dentist will shave a small portion of your tooth enamel, which will make room for the dental crown to fit comfortably over the tooth.

Step No. 3: Your dentist will make a mold of your tooth and smile and will send it to a dental lab. At the lab, technicians will custom make your permanent crown.

Step No. 4: Your dentist will place a temporary dental crown over the remainder of your tooth so you can use it while you wait.

Step No. 5: When the restoration is ready and sent to our clinic, you will come back for a second appointment to have the crown cemented over the tooth with a special dental cement.

To learn more about dental crown treatment in Greenville, South Carolina, please contact Flatrock Family Dentistry today at (864) 297-5268. The more you know, the better. So, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dental team. We look forward to helping you!