VELscope® Oral Cancer Screening: A Non-Invasive and Effective Way to Detect Oral Cancer Early

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Oral cancer is a serious disease that affects thousands of people each year. Fortunately, when caught early, the prognosis for oral cancer is much better. One of the best ways to catch oral cancer early is through regular screenings with the VELscope® device. This blog post will discuss the benefits of VELscope® oral cancer screenings and why you should choose Flatrock Dentistry for your screening needs. Find out more by reading on.

What is VELscope®?

VELscope® is an advanced oral cancer screening device that uses fluorescence visualization technology to detect abnormal cells in your mouth. The oral cancer screening procedure is quick, painless, and non-invasive, so even apprehensive patients can undergo it. VELscope® has received approval from the FDA and has been shown to be effective in detecting early signs of oral cancer.

How Does VELscope® Work?

During a VELscope® screening, a specialized light helps to illuminate any areas of concern in your mouth. This makes it easy for our team to identify areas needing further examination. If necessary, we may recommend additional testing to determine the nature of the abnormal tissue. Healthy tissue will appear greenish, while abnormal tissue will appear dark or black.

Why Choose Flatrock Dentistry for Your Oral Cancer Screening?

We strive to provide high-quality care to our patients at Flatrock Dentistry. Our South Carolina family dentistry uses the latest version of the VELscope® system to ensure that our patients receive comprehensive results during their screening. So why not ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff any questions about the process? Get started today! You can feel confident that you are in good hands.

Contact Us for an Oral Cancer Consultation

Would you like to have an oral cancer screening in South Carolina? Flatrock Dentistry in Greenville County can help! Our dental office offers oral cancer screenings in the South Carolina communities of Greenville, Five Forks, and Greer. Contact us at (864) 756-5576 to schedule a consultation and screening. You can schedule an oral cancer screening by calling at (864) 756-5576 if you have any questions about oral cancer.

We look forward to helping you maintain optimal oral health and catching any potential issues early.