Planmeca® Milling Station

At Flatrock Family Dentistry, we understand that our patients are busy and often do not want to visit the dentist several times to complete a treatment. To make your dental care more convenient, we are happy to utilize the Planmeca® milling station to create same-day dental restorations in Greenville, South Carolina. This means that your treatment can be completed in just one visit with Dr. Rouse and Dr. Khan, so you can get on with your day and your life. Contact us today at (864) 756-5576 to learn more!

Advantages of Same-Day Restorations

When patients require a dental restoration, most dental offices require two or more visits to complete the treatment. At our practice, however, we have upgraded our services to include same-day dental restorations. With the Planmeca® milling station, we can create a variety of dental restorations in just one visit, which means that you can leave your appointment with a new smile.

Before creating your dental restoration, our dentists will use the Planmeca PlanScan™ to create a digital, 3D image of your mouth. This provides a detailed and accurate representation of your teeth and gums from which we can create your natural-looking restoration. Once all of the specifications are made, we can start creating your restoration.

The Planmeca milling station can work with a variety of metal-free materials to give each patient exactly the type of restoration they are looking for. It also uses two spindles to create both sides of a restoration simultaneously, resulting in a more precise restoration. Once your restoration is complete, our dentists can place it, make any necessary adjustments, and send you on your way!

If you would like to know more about the Planmeca milling station and how it improves your dental care, we invite you to contact our practice today for information about porcelain dental crowns and other high-quality restorations created in a single appointment.