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“Being a senior citizen and needing extensive dental work, I was looking for a good dentist with a convenient location near me. After finding some options, I literally walked in at Flatrock Family Dentistry one day. What a good decision! I immediately felt the friendliness and caring of the staff. Although, I didn’t get to meet Dr. Rouse that day, I was told that not only was he a great dentist but a great person (which I later found to be true). I made the decision that Flatrock would be my choice for my dental services. I was a challenge! I needed extensive dental work – teeth extracted, implants, veneers, crowns, etc. Dr. Rouse divided the work into three phases. Let me kid you not, it’s been a long process and I’m still not finished. I’m on phase three – the final phase involving replacing some old crowns. Overall, I have been very pleased with Dr. Rouse’s work and it has been worth the journey! He does not cut corners and wants his work to be right, even if it means taking longer. He is also willing to take time to answer any questions or concerns you may have. An added bonus is his wonderful staff! They always welcome me with a smile and make me feel like family! I highly recommend Dr. Rouse and his staff at Flatrock Family Dentistry!”

– Mary Neal Plyler

“My front teeth, especially the bottom front 4, had significant wear caused by years of grinding and bite issues. Dr. Rouse had been my dentist for the past 7 years and had always had a professional and friendly approach to my dental care. He suggested that I consider teeth straightening to correct the bite, followed by porcelain labial veneers on my front 6 top and bottom teeth to repair the damage and night appliance to protect my teeth from further grinding. I used an Orthodontist that he had suggested. I was pleased with his choice. After completing Orthodontia, Dr. Rouse repaired the teeth.

I was extremely happy with the results. He explained all procedural steps thoroughly and as a result I felt comfortable and well taken care of by his staff. He kept in contact with the Orthodontist as braces were used for teeth adjustment to help insure the best outcome. Each of the 12 veneers fit perfectly! That showed me that he and his staff take pride in their work. The results were just as he had predicted and my smile improved immediately.

My criteria for Dentist selection include a Dentist that know his craft well, keeps up on the latest technologies, treat patients with respect and professionally, has an upbeat manner and a super staff! Dr Rouse and Staff fit my requirements.”

– Gregg C

“I have been coming to Flatrock for 24 years. I have always been impressed with the teamwork displayed during my visits. My hygienist, Marina and Tammy, one of the Assistants, both work seamlessly with Dr. Rouse. This really inspires confidence to their patients. I’ve always been treated very well by the entire team. They are all on the same page and able to answer all questions and concerns. Due to my recent dental condition, my lower front teeth were wearing away and needed to be restored. After discussing Dr. Rouse’s recommendations, I moved forward in full confidence with 5 veneers and 1 porcelain crown. I was in love with my temporaries, and now that I have my permanents, they are unbelievable! I would recommend anyone looking to have similar treatment completed to contact Flatrock Family Dentistry.”

– James M

“Dr. Rouse and his staff at Flatrock Family Dentistry possess the rare blend of expertise, professionalism and personable style that is essential for a positive dental experience. I have been a patient of many dentists in my life but Dr. Rouse and the Flatrock team easily surpass all others. They ensure that everything from repair and cosmetic inprovements to hygienics, scheduling and billing are all flawlessly performed. If you want quality results with a truly professional team, visit Flatrock! You will not be disappointed!”

– Darryl

“We love Flatrock!My 5 year old daughter loves going to the dentist (jumps up and down and screams yay) and I know its because of Marina.Shes always made it a fun and comfortable experience for my daughter.”

“I have been a patient of Dr. Rouse since he came to Flatrock Family Dentistry. I am extremely pleased with his work. I couldn’t ask for a better person to be my dentist. He is very gentle, kind, understanding and so thorough. He always puts my dental visits at ease because I know I am under such good care. I would also like to add that his office staff and other personnel are exceptional. They are always willing to assist my needs at any time.hank you so much for many years of great service!”

– Connie

“Felt very comfortable.Everyone was very nice and friendly.Very happy we (my husband and I) chose this practice.We had been patients at another dentist for over 20 years, but needed to find a practice more conventient to our employment and with more accomodating hours.We could not be more pleased.”< div class=”reviewer”>- Jean O

“After my dentist retired, I spent time dental-hopping until I landed at Flatrock.You think anyone can clean your teeth, not true!!It takes the whole package of good location & hours, nice office setup with the wireless, professional dentists, friendly hygentist & great office personnel to make the trip to the dentist not so dreaded.By the way, I never get to use the wireless much becouse I dont wait long.


“In the book of world records, I am listed as the”world’s greatest coward who suffers from White Coat Syndrome”.However, I’m feeling much better after being treated so well by Flatrock staff and believe I will eventually be cured of my affliction.Thanks for being so caring.”

– Anne G

“I was a walk in emegency due to pain from a broken tooth.I was taken care of and felt that I was not a burden.Thanks for seeing me as timely as you did.”

– Ben K

“I cannot say enough about this practice, as being a coward, I am always at ease and am able to have my dental work done by Dr. Rouse.He is the best dentist that I have ever met.I have had a few procedures done and never feel any pain or discomfort.The entire staff is so caring and not judgmental at all.I am always made to be and feel very comfortable.Thank you.”

– Tasha D

“The dentists and staff at Flatrock Dentistry are always great!They greet us by name and remember things weve told from a previous visit.My 6 year old daughter even feels comfortable enough to get her cleaning done without me in the room, so we can have our appointments at the same time.After shes finished, the hygienist and dentist always come in and give me a full report on her visit.Always a great experience!”

“The best dentist office in Greenville.”

– Tami

“The staff is friendly, professional and very welcoming.Dr. Rouse is kind, understanding and has a great sense of humor. : A visit to Flatrock Family Dentistry is a pleasant experience.”

“The entire staff is professional and friendly.I have complete confidence in Dr. Rouse and he really puts you at easemakes you feel like hes just the guy next door.I feel like my cleanings are always thorough and I appreciate Dr. Rouse checking my mouth for any signs of cancer or other problems.I dont remember my dentists in the past doing that extra check.Everyone seems happy with his/her job and if you have to go to the dentist, its nice to come into a happy and friendly atmosphere.”

“I was having horrible facial pain and had been to a doctor and a neurologist.Although I was not currently a patient, your office agreed to see me in a timely manner.In addition, the problem was quickly determined and I received the help needed.I am very grateful to your courteous and skillful staff.”

“Dr. Rouse provided excellent care and performed the dental work as quickly and professionally as possible.His jokes helped me keep my mind off of what was going on and even his nurse’s humming was relaxing.:) Well done.Thank you!”

– Susan B

“I always have a great experience at Flatrock Family Dentistry.The staff is always professional, efficient, and very informative.”

– Angela W

“I have always had Rose as my Hygienist and she is excellent.She is kind, caring, and really knows her job.She always urges me to take the best care of my teeth, gums, and demonstrates technique as needed. Bless her!”

– Anne W

“A very nice and cheerfil atmosphere that I wittnessed.Felt comfortable during my visit and very well staisfied with the service.For my first impression of the facility was professional and very relaxing.Staff and the dentist was prompt and organized, will most definently recommend.”

– Danny D

“Christie is bright, articulate, and makes me feel comfortable.Her gentle teaching makes me think that even this old dog can learn new tricks.”

– Valerie D

“Great experience.Very pleased.”

– Bryan O

“Very satisfied with service I received.Staff is very friendly with a professional environment.”

– Lewis S

”Excellent as ALWAYS!!!!!!You guys are the BEST without question.I would never go anywhere else.”

– Lynne J

“Ive been to many dental offices, but by far, your office is the most pleasant, efficient, and professional practice ever.It is a pleasure to interact with this office.We are very happy with the doctors and staff, and we have the utmost confidence in their ability to handle our dental needs.”

– Sharon T

“The best I’ve felt in any practice, medical and dental.I’m not the best when it comes to needles, but felt at ease from start to finish!Incredible practice with incredible people!

– Daniel B

“Out of all the dentist office and doctors I have had for dental issues, this practice is the best and will continue to come to your for all my work.”

– Eldon C

“I have always felt that everyone should have good dental hygiene because it’s just as important as medical treatment. Since it’s so important, I decided I would like to have whatever work done that was needed. It wasn’t just for aesthetics, but for my overall health. I was a lot more comfortable and having the work done was easier than I thought with all the new technology Flatrock uses. I felt like I was just going in for a regular checkup and I didn’t have pain during the process. I felt like the team was more concerned with my overall health and I didn’t have to worry about the results. I was told exactly what was going to be done and the cost. The team at Flatrock is great and that’s why I keep referring people over and over again.”

– Nga

“Dr. Rouse from Flatrock Family Dentistry and his staff are the best! They are experienced and professional. I am so much more confident since Dr. Rouse fixed my teeth and made them look amazing. I used to not smile much, but now I can’t keep from smiling. They did veneers for my teeth, and I can honestly say that I am SO pleased. My teeth look better than they ever have!”

– Eddie

“I am thankful for the opportunity to relay my experiences and feelings about Flatrock Family Dentistry. I have been very pleased with all the services I have received there. The front desk is very helpful and pleasant. The hygienist is very thorough. Dr. Rouse is also very thorough and checks for oral cancer and other things that no other dentist has done. He is very gentle and gives pain-free shots! He puts you at ease with his sense of humor and patience.
Dr. Rouse gave me six beautiful upper front teeth! When I was young, right after my front teeth had just come in; I fell on cement and put a big chip on one of my front teeth. The dentist at the time just filed all my front teeth off to match the one broken!! Dr. Rouse has improved my smile greatly. Thank you thank you!!

I refer people all the time to Dr. Rouse’s practice. I am VERY grateful that he resides in my community!”

– Debra

“I had an abscessed front tooth when I was 19 and it has progressively turned darker. I’ve tried bleaching but I still see the discoloring. In addition to this, the other front tooth had a hair line crack, my canine was disproportionately larger and the tooth in between was heavily bonded; so four of my front teeth needed attention. I always notice this in pictures so I turn to the side and try to hide my front teeth when smiling for pictures.
After several months of planning and prepping Dr. Rouse has given me 2 crowns and 2 veneers. I absolutely love my smile now and enjoy showing it at every opportunity.

Our family has been going to Dr. Rouse for six years and love Flatrock Dentistry. They provide excellent dental care and the office staff is wonderful. Professional and expert care from reception to the final check out and everything in between.”

– Vicki

“I have been coming to Flatrock Family Dentistry since I was a kid and I recently made the decision to get veneers. I historically grinded my teeth so they were worn, which isn’t good health wise, but it also hurt how they looked. I was excited knowing that at the end of the process my teeth would look good and be healthy. When I started down the process, I honestly didn’t ask too many questions about it as I trusted Dr. Rouse. The process took some time, but none of it seemed like a lot of work. Just little by little everything came together. Using Invisalign meant I never needed to have any sort of metal braces for realignment, which was nice. I would suggest to anyone that is thinking about improving their smile, to just go for it. Have an open mind and trust the process. Dr. Rouse was excellent in making sure each step was done correctly and exact. In the long term, it’s very little effort for years and years of better looking teeth.”

– Zach