Our dentists are pleased to work with your physician, a board-certified sleep physician, and your medical insurance to provide proper diagnosis and treatment for sleep-related disorders like sleep apnea. As part of our services, we provide take-home sleep studies. At Flatrock Family Dentistry, we use the NOX-T3 System to help identify sleep-related dental concerns.

The NOX-T3 is a portable sleep monitor that uses Bluetooth technology to create a wireless body area network, which helps to maximize your comfort. The system features built-in microphone that records high-quality sound, giving us the ability to play the audio along with other recorded signals from your sleep study. This gives Dr. Rouse and Dr. Crosland new insights into sleep medicine and your unique situation.

Using the NOX-T3 system requires only a few quick steps. If you have any problems while getting the system set up before bed, here is brief outline of the steps we discussed in our office:

  • Fasten the NOX device to the shirt.
  • Attach the thorax belt to the device.
  • Attach the abdomen cable to the device.
  • Attach the abdomen belt to the abdomen cable.
  • Hook up the oximeter around your wrist.
  • Put on the nasal cannula.

Flatrock Family Dentistry Sleep Study Tutorial

If you have any other questions, or if you would like to learn more about our NOX-T3 take-home sleep study in Greenville, South Carolina, please feel free to contact Flatrock Family Dentistry today at 864-297-5268.